Vladimir Sidorov. "Requiem". /1993/.  

Larissa Bogatireva
Larissa Bogatireva has finished a variety faculty of the Magnitogorsk conservatory.
It is the list of creative works with the composer Vladimir Sidorov:
the musical phantasmagoria "Cynics", lyrical hymns " Song of songs by king Solomon ",
Requiem, more than 100 songs and etc.
- How many I remember myself, I sing so much.
In my family everyone sing: mum, the grandmother, the aunt...
And even my dog the Boor sings. At night. At the moon (laughs).
Our meeting with Vladimir Sidorov was a very important for me.
Now I have the individual repertoire and the artistic image.

Vladimir Sidorov
Sidorov Vladimir Alexandrovich. Member of the Russian Composers'''' Union. Professor of the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory (Department of Popular Musical Art).
Born: October 1, 1956.
Actively engaged in composition and performance since 1972.
Graduated from the Glinka College of Music (Magnitogorsk, Russia) in 1977 (major: Theory of Music).
Graduated from the Moussorgsky Conservatory (Ekaterinburg, Russia) in 1983 (major: Composition) under professor V. A. Kobekin.
On the faculty at the Glinka College of Music (Magnitogorsk, Russia) - Theory of Music and related subjects, since 1983.
Director and Sound Producer of Recording Studio since 1992, Editor-in-chief of the Radio Program "Music of Magnotogorsk" (1993-1999).
Head of Composition Section of the Department of Theory and History of Music) since 1996.
International Project Leader "Musical and Ethnographic Center of Southern Ural" since 1997.
Actively engaged in musicological studies since 1997.
Senior Lecturer of the Magnotogorsk State Conservatory since 2001

"Requiem" /1993/
Vladimir Sidorov. "Requiem". /1993/.
1. Introduction (Lyrics by V. Sidorov)
2. Ave, Maria (Lyrics by K.Pleshcheev)
3. In continuation of their way (Lyrics by the Gospel from Onions)
4. Ask deadmen (Lyrics by A.Shopengauer)
5. Eternity (Lyrics by F.Nitsshe)
6. My God, pardon!
7. If can (Lyrics by V. Sidorov)
8. I Idolize you
9. My Daughter (Lyrics by V. Sidorov)
10. Day of anger
11. Forgive and farewell! (Lyrics by V. Sidorov)
12. Creation of the world
Vocal - Larissa Bogatireva and Vladimir Sidorov

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